Saturday 25 June 2016

Finds from Anatolia June 2016

I’ve just returned from a trip to Turkey where I was glad to be able to find some interesting antique kilims, trappings and a few special rugs.

Because of political problems, conflicts in Syria and Kurdish eastern Turkey and the recent bombings in Istanbul and Ankara, it was extremely quiet with few tourists on the ground, other than Turkish people enjoying weekends away from the cities. It is a pity so many have been put off visiting this vast and fascinating country. All those who rely on tourism directly or indirectly (an important part of the national economy) are suffering greatly. Many hotels have closed, small traders face severe financial hardship and the knock-on effect of the downturn in visitor numbers will surely be felt for several years to come.
Here is a preview with a selection of the weavings I found of mobile phone photos. As they arrive in Ireland, I will add good photos and descriptions to the 'New Arrivals' page on my website here:  and you can see the whole June collection here: FINDS FROM ANATOLIA JUNE 2016


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