Saturday, 6 June 2015

April Collection of Kilims, Rugs and Textiles

Photos of April finds from Anatolia

Last week I finished taking photo of the kilims, rugs, yatiks and textiles I found in Turkey in April. Below are photos of a small selection. To see the complete collection, with more photos in the various albums of 'Large Kilims', 'Small Rugs' etc. on the Tribal Rugs and Kilims main page click here:

If there is anything you are interested in and would like more details, please let me know.

Large east Anatolian Reyhanli kilim

Fine small 1920s Qashqai rug

Small old west Anatolian Korkuteli kilim

Small south Anatolian Mersin kilim

Very large 4.7 metre long old Konya kilim

Large west Anatolian kilim

Large west Anatolian divan cover kilim

Large west Anatolian Sacikara or Karakecili kilim

Fine large Taspinar rug

Very unusual old Dosemealti runner

Finely woven large Ordu prayer kilim

Unusual Konya region Taspinar yatak rug

Fine antique Ottoman period silk jacket

Large antique Shirvan rug

Kurdish east Anatolian rug from the Malatya area

Rare antique Khorasan, Quchan Kurdish rug

west Anatolian Karakecili kilim
Old long west Anatolian Karakecili kilim with dynamic spiral motifs

west Anatolian Saçikara yoruk kilim
Old west Anatolian Saçikara yoruk kilim 
See more from new collection here:

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Willson Rou said...

Wow!! What an amazing collection of kilim area rugs. What a beautiful design in it. I am really interested to buy such beautiful rugs.Can you share the price of it?? It will be really a big help for me.