Saturday, 8 November 2014

A beautiful 19th century central Anatolian kilim from Konya

An exceptionally fine mid 19th century kilim the Konya region of central Anatolia, probably Aksaray. This kilim displays all the skills of the Anatolian weaver, acquired over hundreds of years of refinement and inherited over countless generations. The hand-spun wool is dyed with vibrant colours all made from natural ingredients; minerals and plants. In this kilim, the different reds are derived from cochineal and the quality of the aubergine dye is outstanding. The intensity of the colours is more often associated with kilims from east Anatolia, Adana and Reyhanli for instance, and the quality of the dyes in this kilim places it well back into the 19th century. Size 330cm x 118cm.

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