Wednesday, 30 July 2014

What is zincir? A Small Malatya kilim

Zincir technique on a small antique Anatolian kilim from Malatya 

Kathi has just finished conserving the fringe of this small antique 'fragment' kilim (i.e. part of what was a larger kilim). The kilim is from the Malatya region of easter Anatolia in Turkey, probably from the village of Sinan, now under the Karakaya Dam, which submerged many ancient villages that were the homes of nomadic tribesmen with a wonderful weaving tradition. For an example of a fine antique heybe saddlebag from Sinan, see:

The kilim below includes areas of metal bound thread which would originally have given it an added sparkle (3rd photo), uses white cotton for added contrast in the patterns and silk thread in the centre of the stars in the central bands.

The Turkish term 'zincir çekme' (pronounced zingir) describes the technique of retaining the fringe of a kilim (or carpet) by sewing a crochet type knot around each of the warp threads along the length of the rug. Kathi was taught the technique by Ibrahim Konukcu in Goreme, Cappadocia, a skilled repairer of kilims and rugs.

For more photos of the kilim, see:

Gold metal bound thread in the triangle

Kathi using the 'zingir' technique to retain the fringes of the kilim

The 'zingir' knot applied using a crochet hook

The completed 'zingir' fringe

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